“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” – Voltaire

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Culture at Work

Using organisational values to drive results

A real estate business managers experience of using organisational values to drive behaviour change. A notable assertion of the book - Leaders who espouse corporate values must also live by them, even if that comes at a cost.
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Deciding Together

Why teams make bad decisions and how to avoid them

Using aviation industry case studies, this paper shows the challenges of, and a process for, optimal decision making in teams. A notable point from the paper - Teams should have leaders, and after gathering the knowledge of the team those leaders should be the decision makers.
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Cultural Change Management

Understanding what organisational culture is, what leaders can change about it, and how

Taking an Action Research approach to three change projects, this thesis shows how cultures form and what can and should be done to change them. A notable point from the thesis - As culture driven behaviours are more subconscious than intentional, they won’t be changed by changing people’s intentions.
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