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otcwhitepaper-294x300“Learn how to prevent your team from making bad decisions”

This original white paper shows how and why teams make bad decisions, and presents a simple and practical framework for teams across all industries to use in the decisions they make.

About the Author

Andrew-Photo-1-Black-White-e1420616960218Andrew Moore is a business consultant with Patrick Lencioni’s California-based Table Group consulting firm, a group famous for providing simple solutions to organisational problems. Andrew holds a Doctorate of Professional Studies (DPRS) and is author of the self-published book Culture at Work. He lives with his wife and son in Brisbane, Australia.

The Inspiration for Deciding Together

patDrawing on the model in Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the growing body of work from psychology and other behavioural disciplines, and decision examples from the well-studied and documented aviation industry, this paper shows how teams make bad decisions, and presents a simple and practical framework for teams across all industries to use in improving the decisions they make.

Deciding Together: Why teams make bad decisions and how to avoid them by Andrew L. Moore.


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